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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we choose Detercom as our signature range?
    In recent years, our company also acts as the authorized agent of the Italian Detercom Professional Srl Group to provide a luxury product range of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap to our customers who likes to enjoy the spa experiences at home. (Their product has been awarded and accepted by various EU international certification license instructions.) This product range comes from Sienna, the ancient Italian city, which specializes in personal care cleansing products. This luxury brand insists to carefully select natural and pure ingredients; all freshly made from its origin – Italy, with the commitment of half a century. They are also one of the main suppliers in working with varies top tier hotels in the region which proves the popularity of their product. The Italian Detercom Professional Srl is located in the medieval hill town of Siena; Siena in Tuscany, which is an hour away from Florence. It is also home of the famous and rare Golden Olive, which is the main ingredient in our Olive line. Our mission is to let our customers enjoy the luxury spa experiences at home, which is also natural and sustainable at the same time. Deeply fascinated by nature and human senses to foster a relaxing atmosphere. The promise in a luxury of enjoyment to provide an unforgettable feeling to our customers.
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